Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lets talk feet?! || Scholl Velvet Smooth Review + GIVEAWAY!*

So it has been awhile, 3 months to be exact and I have missed blogging so much but with limited time I'm still trying to balance out my life to fit blogging into my timetable.
Anywho I am back though, with another review!

This is a little different as I dont think Ive ever brought up the topic of feet.
As there are a majority of people who think feet are quite gross and i have to admit i am one of those people. But when has there been a time when you think about purchasing products for your feet and im not talking about socks and shoes?!

I was contacted by Scholl and was sent 2 of their Velvet Smooth products to try out and it clicked in my mind that I dont really treat my feet as much as i do with my nails.
To be honest my feet arent that bad in terms of being dry, I just know my feet are pretty prone to getting the hard skin on feet (calluses) everytime i go out for long periods of time, my feet are slightly drier in the winter months aka now, but its not to the point where i want to drench my feet with hydration.

First off with the Scholl Express Pedi it was one that intrigued me the most with how it would work but then it also intimidated the crap out of me.
The express pedi is an electronic foot file so for the lazy people out there neglecting the use of the standard manual foot file due to the 'i cant be bothered' excuse this bad boy is quite the helper, making everything 3 times more faster (for what i think) and is also somewhat fun, though more on that later.

Equipped with a detachable microlumina roller head which contains synthetic diamonds that helps buffs off the hard and dry skin. 4 double A batteries are included so there is no need to purchase any extra.
The way to use it is by turning the express pedi on (twisting the silver ring above the handle) and gently gliding the roller head on any hard and dead skin. [Dont use the same spot for more than 3-4 seconds at a time.]
Bringing back the intimidating thought i get from this, my first impression of this was that it would feel like sandpaper grinding against my feet. Although it does look like it, i was obviously wrong and it definitely doesnt leave a mark that sandpaper would leave.

The roller head in action
 Using the Express Pedi, i found that it was oddly satisfying seeing the dry skin turn into dust and gradually fade off the feet in seconds, bonus points in the entertaining section there! 
It also doesnt feel too bad as you dont feel much happening as it is a barrier of hard skin.
The only thing i didnt like much about this product was the packaging. Even though you wouldn't think to bring it on travel, it is a bulky product and has some weight to it. The plastic cover that you put above the roller head, was a bit of an annoyance as it easily came off loose.
Other than that, it really does the job in reducing the hard skin. I can agree that it will remove the dry skin on the calluses so theyre less visible.

More info on the product [here]

The Scholl Velvet Smooth Cream is the favourite one of the two.
It's not as exciting as the first as it is a foot cream but it is like butter and heaven combined!
Containing MarineActiv, Daymoist CLR, Vitaman A,E and Omega 6, it is packed full of hydrating properties! 

With the packaging it is the typical 'hand cream' style, loving how the lid is at the bottom aswell so you can get every last bit of product without the hassle of squeezing from bottom to top. 

Its safe to say that yes this cream hydrates the shiz out of my feet and i did do a little test of using the Express Pedi on my right foot and the cream on my left and the one without the cream on did feel just a tad more rough.
But the winning factor of this was the fact that it wasnt greasy and that it absorbed into the skin so damn quick! 
Now they said on the packaging that it absorbs in 60 seconds and they need to change that cause it felt like under 10 seconds that it did its magic.

More info on the product [here]

Winter time is probably the best time to be caring for the feel as once summer is on its way, we gotta take our feet out from the boots and expose our feet into the sandals and thongs.
Luckily Scholl has provided me with an extra set of the products i mentioned above which means a giveaway!!

Terms and Conditions
  • Need to have parents permission as i will be needing a mailing address to be able to send the products out.
  • Must be following me on GFC or Bloglovin (i will be checking!)
  • This giveaway is international so anyone can enter as long as i can send the products to your country!
  • The giveaway ends on 2/8/15 at midnight


*Disclaimer: products were sent to me for reviewing

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lemon Cheesecake || Sugar Queen Body Scrub

After long anticipation, I'm finally writing up a blog post after 2 months of no writing. I wont promise that i'll be posting weekly at some times, but i do only post when i enjoy writing up a post rather than having the need to post just for the sake of it. Since i am back there is nothing better than to come forth with a review on a new product i have tried and of course loved!

You may have seen some bloggers posting reviews of this and I have not seen any of them not liking this so far. Coming in a variety of different scents such as sugar cookie, coconut & lime, peppermint, pina colada and espresso. It just has scents you would be well-known with. The scrubs are made with coconut oil, sugar, essential oils or fragrances so it is comforting knowing there isnt any nasty things lurking in these especially with store bought scrubs.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Lemon Cheesecake scrub and receiving this one was like fate to me. 
If you know me well, you would know my favourite colour is yellow and i do have an obsession with lemons and with cheesecakes, they are one of my favourite types of cakes!. Coincidence or what?! 
Getting on to the scent of this, it did confuse me at first as there was a strong coconut scent which I did later on find out about to get the confusion straight but aside from that it has a somewhat citrus scent to it but also a biscuity smell to it like when cookies are fresh out of the oven. But i found that it did sometimes remind me of lamingtons due to the coconut scent lingering.

I've tried this for a couple of weeks and decided to not moisturise my legs during that time to see how well it leaves my legs feeling. As the colder weather has approached here in Melbourne which does mean super dry legs in my case, I did use this daily with some second days not using it at all.
First time using it did leave my legs feeling tingly after but i found with constant use that I got used to that sensation. It did leave my legs feeling smooth during the shower as the coconut oil is a great skin moisturiser. From the looks of my legs today after a couple weeks use and no moisturising, it actually did pretty damn well in removing the dry skin that i usually get every winter. I mean i do have some dry spots here and there but nothing major that makes me want to have an emergency body lotion at hand or be insecure with having my legs show in public (anyone else like that too?!). 
The downside to this would be that it is stored in a jar so for those super hygienic people or people with long nails, you may want to have a scooper close by. As I do find that if you arent careful you can accidentally get some water in the jar or get some sugar underneath your nails if they are long.
But aside from that it is pretty easy to open up the jar without it slipping. 
But I will say that i was sent a sample size so im unsure about the packaging with the full sized jar. 
The scrub has been used halfway now and i have a feeling it will last about 1-3 months if i just use it 1-2 times a week.
I absolutely adore the handmade touch with the twine and handwriting on the tag when i first got this sample and I will be purchasing more of the scrubs once i use up this one!

Sugar Queen Body Scrub

*Product was sent to me for consideration 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shiseido Eyelash Curler

Having uneven eyes is definitely a struggle i have to go through, unlike brows where you can fix it up by redrawing the shape. My eyes are hooded and one lid is smaller than the other so eyeliner and eyeshadow always looks different to the other eye if i put it on evenly. As for mascara, it sometimes looks the same but when curling the lashes its a pain in the arse to get it curled the same.

I got this as an xmas present last year, sneakily asking my friend to get it for me as it was something i always wanted to have but never had the guts to spend money on for an eyelash curler. 
I had tried the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler which was terrible for my asian eyes imo, it never was able to reach the ends of my lashes as the curler didnt lay flat against my lids. (Comparison post maybe?!)
Hearing so much about the Shiseido curler and how it was able to fit most asian eyes won me over and majority of eyelash curlers i had tried works pretty well on my right eye but as for my left, i found it to be the oddball where it was harder to curl.

Im actually really digging the gun metal grey colour, its different to the classic silver or gold eyelash curlers which i actually like, though a rose gold colour would make it so classy (hinting at you Shiseido!!)
The curler feels sturdy and you can feel the difference if you were holding a cheap eyelash curler from the $2 store.

It took me awhile to get used to the curler as i found that whenever i put the curler against my eye i would flinch back automatically, kind of like when you curled your lashes for the first time. Not sure if it was because I was getting used to the flatter shape it has but i did end up pinching myself a few times before getting used to curling with this one.
Anyways lo and behold this curler did amazing with my right eye and as for my left eye, it was the same!
I mean i do have to move the curler to adjust it with the curve of my left eyelid but the end result is similar with my right eye which is what im looking for.
No drooping lashes on the one of my eye, no harsh pressure applied and a nice looking curl. Thank you Shiseido.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Brow Routine

Late Gong Hay Fat Choy! (Happy Chinese New Year!) Finally have time for blogging, honestly did not realise how much work year 12 gives you but it has made me miss blogging so much more! Will be forcing myself to schedule some posts before tomorrow as i have tried out some new products and are waiting to be written up. 
This blog was originally 'beauty reviews & tutorials' but lets face it, I changed the 'tutorial' part as I have not done any tutorials for about 2 years and that's due for a change!
My brows have gotten so much more better over the course of 5 years and for those who didnt know, I completely messed up my brows in grade 6 (yes when i was 12..) lil background story, I found my mums tweezers and tried plucking/shaping my eyebrows. I oddly found it satisfying plucking each hair so i over plucked and ruined my brows, from thick eyebrows to a super thin shape. 

Near the end of 2011
The only photo i could find that could show the shape of my brow was from 2011. They were still pretty similar to what my brows were like in 2009 but just so you get the jist of things they looked terrible and it doesnt help that i used a crappy daiso eyebrow pencil to fill them in.

Start of 2015
This is what my brows look like today. Since i am in the stage where i am somewhat content with my brows, i thought it would be time to do a brow routine and how i fill in my brows. I have ordered the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and i do have a feeling my brow routine will change after getting it but i have been doing this routine since last year and hasnt failed me yet. And it would be nice to look back on how i do my brows if my routine ever ends up changing dramatically!

First thing i do is line the bottom of my brow, following the natural shape. I start from the inner parts working my way to the tip. 

Then i draw in the outline of the top of my brow. From a daily basis, i go for a slightly curved arch in my brow as i find it suits my natural brow shape.

After, I fill within the outline with the brow pencil then brush it out. The pencil acts out as a template/base before i start to apply powder on top. Though some days i use the pencil to draw the outline then use powder to fill it in.

I apply my eyebrow powder on top to intensify the brow colour and to fill in the gaps where my pencil may have missed

After brushing it out again, there may be some days where brushing it out will remove the brow shape/pencil step so the last thing i do is usually to fix it up is by using the pencil to reline the brows.
Then i repeat each step again to the other brow!

Not sure if im the only one but since my brows are uneven, I find that my right brow always looks thicker/darker in photos so its always embarrassing taking a selfie and realising that my right brow looks so much more intense than the other.

Anyways the products I use for my brows are:
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil
NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Been quite a while since ive done a mascara review so i thought why not do one. I've been long overdue for one anyways! 
Probably the only full sized mascara ive used and havent reviewed yet is the Benefit They're Real mascara. I've had this for a couple of months now, gifted to me from my Brother for one of my birthday presents! But the thing is i actually wrote him a list of products which contained products i really wanted or ones that i kind of want to try and the Benefit mascara was pretty much one that didnt really catch my attention but from all the hype it got it was one that i was willing to try.

 With the Benefit They're Real line, which contains the Push-up Liner and the Mascara, the body shape is pretty much makes the packaging a whole lot better. I mean obviously the shiny purply grey barrel will catch attention of many but its the little things that makes the products stand out from other mascaras. The bottom starts off circular while it gradually turns into a square shaped barrel, which i love! It's like the chubbier version of the liner. Though it may be a downside if youre travelling as the mascara is quite the bulky one and will take up some space if you're low on it.

Whats different about the mascara wand is that it is a plastic brush and the bristles extends down to the very tip creating a dome-like wand, which is supposed to help with "fanning" out the corner lashes.
At first that was something different to me and definitely exciting but when it came down to applying the mascara to my lashes, it was somewhat of a mess as my eyes are small and hooded and if you chuck in a mascara with a big wand, it is tough to avoid getting mascara on your lids. The bristles at the very tip did help with the corner lashes but it didnt help separate the lashes and was also the perpetrator of getting mascara on my lids.

Top L-R: Uncurled, curled
Bottom L-R: With mascara, After 3 hours
You can see on the third picture that the mascara does hold a curl pretty well after applying it and letting it set. It lengthened well and was quite good in separating! I find it weird for me to go out with just mascara as i just dont think it suits me at all as im an eyeliner girl so I did line my eyes with some purple eyeliner which did make the lashes start to droop down a bit.
I went out shopping for 3 hours and did go out in the heat for some time which resulted in just a small bit of smudging and flaking but the lashes remained undrooped which is the only upside. You cant really see the smudging in the last picture but it did smudge underneath the lower lashes which is no surprise as all the mascaras ive tried smudge whenever i apply it to the lower lashline. My other eye on the other hand did end up flaking a small bit but the mascara didnt claim to be flake-free just smudge-proof.

This isnt my all time favourite mascara, i just find it average. With me, my lashes look the same 80% of the time with any type of mascara on so I could find some cheaper alternatives with a different formula but overall the same look. This mascara doesnt claim to be waterproof but it does have a formula which is a pain to remove when on the lashes, you will need an oil-based makeup remover to remove it. 

I will be using this once school starts (tomorrow, yay *sarcasm*) just to make use of it. But most likely wont fork out $38 to buy it.

What are your thoughts on Benefit They're Real Mascara? Have you tried it/planning on trying it?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Best of Beauty 2014!

It has been 21 days since 2014 and yes I know I am quite late in this but Happy New Year!!
Sadly for me I do have times where I just dont bother blogging for weeks or even months and I think this year may be the year for the constant hiatus as 2015 is going to be the last year of high school for me which means, studying hard and of course taking a break. I will try my best in scheduling posts and posting atleast once a month though.
Any who, this post was originally going to be a massive post of my favourites in 2014 including skincare, haircare and etc but lazy me just stuck with the basics and did some quick snaps of my favourite makeup products of 2014 so les go!


Having oily lids, it's obvious that I have to be using a primer especially when the sun is out and the humid weather pops out of nowhere. Ive been using this primer for nearly 2 years now and it has made my liner longer lasting, though i wont swear by it on making it smudge proof it really does help make it last longer by a couple of hours.

Maybelline One by One Mascara
I know on my review on this, it didnt hold a curl during that time, but from constant use I found that applying this product starting from the tip and working my way down the lashes helps it hold a curl so much more better than starting from the roots. This mascara does not smudge on me as long as i dont apply it on the lower lashes. It does start to flake after a couple of hours but I love the way it separates my lashes and gives it some more length.

Benefit Push-Up Liner
Although this wasnt my holy grail, pairing this liner up with a primer and only wearing it out during colder times and also when im at work or out to the shops for an hour. It really did not smudge at all. It was mainly my go-to liner for work as it is just so quick and simple to do a winged liner in a short amount of time.

K-Palette Liquid Liner
I have been using this year long as a way to draw in my wing, as it doesnt last long on me, I like to draft out my wing with this liner and fill it in with another liner. Kind of disappointed that I didnt use it like that when i first got it but it is the best way in making my winged liner even!!

Revlon Colorstay Skinny Liner
With most of the liquid liners I use, they just always fade on me, this one lasted so much longer than most ones i used. I have used this one so many times in 2014, year round when I felt like going for the cat eye.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Purple
I'de say this one is my HG of 2014, although it smudges like a biatch in hot weather, it has the most gorgeous colour when on the eyes. I tried by best in using this one daily, so I have been incorporating it on my lower lashline. This has got to be my most used pencil liner of 2014!


You can see I have nearly finished up the Unscented one, legit these lip butters were amazing to use underneath lipsticks and also at home when my lips were feeling a tad dry. They werent the most moisturising but to be honest, the scents of the other two did get me in a craze in using these constantly throughout 2014! 

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub
I got this one on my Birthday, wanting to try out the famous LUSH lipscrubs everyone goes on about, and no doubt about it, they are amazing in prepping dry lips to amazing smooth soft lips! Everything about it is perfect, the scent, taste, colour and outcome. Being a sweet tooth, this one would be one of my favourites ever since i got this.

After using this lipstick, its pretty much changed me into a Lustre loving-girl. Its a pinkier MLBB lipstick that I love to use daily, work and school. Super creamy and wearable, two of my favourite things together. Honestly wouldnt be surprised if I end up finishing this one soon.

During the winter and spring, I have been using this lipstick for when i was out at the shops or doing a quick errand. This may sound lame or corny, but this lipstick shade actually got me out of my comfort zone in wearing darker shades out in public which i never did.

This was a favourite near the start of 2014, I pretty much used the crap out of it in the first half of the year. It gives makes the lips a shade redder and is quite buildable. It is somewhat drying and the texture wasnt what i was looking for in a tint but anywho it is a low maintenance lip product which did the job well when i had school!

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint
The last half of the year I did switch up my liptint and started using the Etude House Tint in orange. It isnt amazingly pigmented but it made my lips look so much more alive. It was like photoshop in a bottle! It was  saviour during the winter times when i woke up with colourless lips.

This will always be my holy grail lipbalm of all time. It is so creamy and cures my chapped lips in a flash. I always stock up when its on sale and pretty much goes with me everywhere!


NYC Sunny Bronzer
Being the first bronzer Ive ever had, I find that it lives up to its hype from a few years ago! It doesnt make me look like an Oompa Loopa, super buildable and very natural when it comes to bronzing, its not the best for contouring though. I had been using this all year round as a subtle contour/bronzer.

Best face powder I have used by far. I find that it lasts so much more longer than the Rimmel Stay Matte. It has been great during the days when the oils on my face are peaking. Though I havent been using it during summer because lets face it, nothing will stop the sweat from coming through.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer
After using this concealer for quite awhile, I found that it isnt as amazing as the first time from using it. I mean it definitely was my go-to of 2014 as the coverage and colour match was perfect but it does crease on me and stick on the dry spots. But was the best when i wasn't going out for a long period of time!

Garnier BB Cream 
Autumn was the season when I bursted this bad boy out, as it is when my skin isnt super dry or super oily. The finish of this BB cream is a light/medium coverage and although i am blessed with skin that doesnt really need foundation or bb cream caked on, when i do have a special night or day this BB cream gave me a flawless finish. 


Still my holy grail eyebrow pencil. Lasts through a day of sweating and the shape of the pencil allows me to line my brows perfectly. You can see in the picture above the amount of product I still have left, it has done me well from daily use in 2014!

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
I have been using this one when im feeling a natural brow, especially during the hotter weather, I found that it does start to look patchy when the sweat seeps in, but other than that I have used this paired with my Etude House Eyebrow Pencil all year round.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour Dark Red Brown

Having dyed brown hair for about 3 years I've been completely sick of seeing it on my hair. After contemplating getting my natural hair colour back for a couple of days Ive also been stuck on changing my hair colour to a red/brown shade. I did major researching on foam hair dyes being sold in Australian stores and came across the Schwarzkopf Ultimate Colour. 
There wasnt much reviews or pictures for this one so I was a tad worried on the colour outcome but considering that red shades do fade I would still be back to brown in the future. 

My usual hair colour/ bleached ends/ w natural ombre
I dont think I've ever tried having red/brown hair so it was an exciting thought to me so I did end up doing the most impulsive thing ever, walking to the shops at about 7/8pm to the nearest Chemist Warehouse just to get the dye . Lucky for me there are 2 nearby across the road from each other and the first CW I went to were sold out of the colour so I did go across to the other CW and got 2 boxes of the Dark Red Brown shade, there was a cherry one which Im tempted to try out next! 

Anyways lazy me did not end up taking pictures of the actual packaging and the dying equipment but to describe it, the product comes out of 2 cans that dispenses from the pump. You pump it into your hand which gives you 2 foamy blobs, white and red which you have to mix and then apply onto your hair, simple. It comes out like a mousse and is super easy to apply, as of most foam hair dyes, you just massage it into your hair like you would with shampoo. But best thing about this dye is the fact that you can use this more than once, so you can save the left over product for your regrowth or future use!

I ended up using one box and a couple of pumps from my second box which is pretty good as I do have medium/long hair. As time goes the foam does disappear and leaves your hair with the typical hair dye feeling aside from having dripping dye. 
I left the dye on for about 30-40 minutes before washing it out and my gosh the water did not run clear for me until the third day which I'm going to assume that it was already fading from each wash (and i do wash my hair everyday). It didnt leave any stains on my pillow case and the countertop and was an easy clean on my skin. 

Freshly washed & dried
4 days later
a week later
It has been 2/3 weeks and my hair has completely faded from the red, it is now a chestnut brown, around 2-3 shades darker from my original brown. I still have a tinge of red near my roots but not that noticeable unless under the sun.
I am bummed out that it faded so quick but thats the only con for using a red dye. They do have a Dark Cherry shade which is apparently a dark purple that Im eyeing for the future.
This dye may not suit everyones cup of tea as I dont think it would come up on darker hair, I do have noticable regrowth on the inner parts of my hair (neck area) as most of my horrendous hair dying always missed that part and I found with this dye it didnt do a fantastic job in that area. But aside from that I will be using this dye in the future as it did not damage my hair whatsoever, its still the usual and didnt feel dry after dying it and using the conditioner/hair treatment that it came with.
Ill probably be dying my hair once again next week and see if it will darken my hair!