Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser

I personally think a good face routine is what will make your skin look and feel better. If you're suffering from the dreaded pimples and blemishes or if your face is just an oil factory, a good cleanser can help.
I have oily + combo skin and I get small pimples around my forehead and nose if I dont wash my face so a cleaner is a compulsory part of my morning+night routine.
I purchased the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser at my Woolworths on sale for $9.79 (and no I did not use my staff discount sadly). I was tossing between other cleansers but I decided to pick this one since it has been a long time since I've used a cream cleanser.

The only time that I've ever tried a Neutrogena cleanser before was when I tried out their free mini samples that they gave away on their facebook, and only one of the samples impressed me because of the grapefruit scent, other than that I wasnt "wowed" nor did I despise the products. I am a big fan of their sunscreens though!
I just dont get pulled in by their packaging as much, they just look too plain and average for my liking, though this cleanser is stored in a big pastel orange squeeze tube which is part of their Deep Clean range.

This cleanser does contain an amount of 200g which I am sure it will last months and you only need a pea size and a half amount for your entire face, any less, it doesnt cover your face and any more than that, it feels like you used too much cleanser. Sadly I still havent mastered the perfect amount since I am always either putting too much or too little. 
When you apply it on your face it doesnt foam up, which did bother me cause I love the feeling of having a cleaner that foams up and lathers well, but this is literally like a cream that cleanses. But what I love about this cleanser is the feeling you get when you wash it off, it is so refreshing! It's a perfect wake up call when I wake up and my face is just covered in oil... it washes the oil, leaves my face super clean and refreshed.

I usually wash my face in the morning and at night when Im either showering or getting ready for bed.
It hasnt broken me out and just works so well. I highly recommend this cleanser if youre looking for a new one to try.

Have you tried any of the Neutrogena cleansers?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Instagram Magnets || Sticky9 GIVEAWAY!

I live in a small spaced house which actually doesn't have a kitchen. And it may seem like a bad thing but it does have it's perks. Now you may be thinking, why are you talking about this when clearly the title is about magnets?!
Well my desk (where I store all my makeup and everything) is placed right next to the fridge. So there is no hassle of walking far just to get food, and the side of the fridge is kind of like my little inspiration/picture board where I stick pictures, memos and all that jazz.
So I was contacted to try out the instagram magnets from Sticky9! And the thought of having actual picture magnets on the fridge rather than separate magnets sticking pictures on the fridge looks a lot more appealing.
If you have no idea what Sticky9 is, it is basically a website that's known for selling magnets with your own Instagram pictures on them, so you can put them on the fridge or whiteboard. They also sell phone cases (iphone & samsung galaxy) and ipad cases, where you can also put your Instagram photos on.

They offer their classic magnets with 2 sizes of medium ($15.99) and large ($21.99) and also a jigsaw magnet which is just one photo separated into 9 pieces ($15.99).
I chose the medium size with photos that meant something to me like events, memories, friends and... food.
I received the magnets in the mail around 2 weeks and a few days from ordering them. They packed it in a sturdy cd mailer so it arrived safe and sound.

The magnets have a matte texture so for those glossy-magnet-photo lovers out their, it may not be for you. But it does give a nice look to it all! 
It is seriously a really nice addition to add to a boring fridge.
There is really nothing bad to say, they're good quality magnets and the picture quality is the same as what you get from your Instagram pictures. 
Though the only downside for me is that if you want pictures that arent on your Instagram you cant get it unless you have it on your Instagram profile, so the only solution is to make a private instagram account which can be somewhat of a hassel. Especially if you want to get some magnets as a present for someone. (they offer gift certificates thankfully).
Also it saddens me that they dont offer phone cases for other phones besides the iphone and samsung galaxy, since I swapped my iphone for a HTC and I was crying on the inside for their cases!!

How it is on my fridge.

I do recommend visiting Sticky9 if you are interested in having Instagram magnets, they ship all over the world and offer free shipping. 
But luckily, Sticky9 was nice enough to let me host a giveaway to my readers to win their famous magnets! 
It is compulsory for you to have an Instagram account if you want to be in the running to win, since it needs to sync your instagram account to get the pictures.

(follow the Rafflecopter!)
1: Must be following me on either GFC or Bloglovin
2: Comment below with your email and tell me what you would put on your magnets. eg food, beauty related pictures, family, friends etc.

Contact Sticky9!
Facebook: Sticky9HQ
Instagram: Sticky9
Twitter: Sticky9

Disclaimer: Was kindly sent these magnets for free

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

Since I've been using MAC Fluidline as my goto eyeliner lately, I've been needing a change of liner brush. When I heard about the Real Techniques new silicone liner brush, I've just wanted to try it out!
I went on iHerb and bought the Real Techniques brush kits which I wont be doing a review on, since there are so many reviews on it, and lets face it.. there are all amazing brushes.

This costed $4.74 USD which is about $5-$5.50 AUD, how cheap is that?! I'm not sure if they sell this at Priceline since it is quite a new brush, but we all know the prices here are crazy compared with the UK and US.

The brush handle is like the other Real Technique eye brushes, a purple metal casing that surrounds two thirds of the brush whilst the other third is a matte black plastic on the ends, it just gives the brush a really sleek look.

The brush is just like a liquid eyeliner brush but instead of having bristles, its just silicone. The silicone is firmly stuck onto the barrel, while the tip is really flexible to apply eyeliner easily onto the lids. I also really love how the tip cant get ruined compared to bristled brushes so I can always create the perfect flick every single time. 
Really the only bad thing about this brush is how the gel liner dries quickly on the silicone so I have to keep going in the liner or I either have to pack on some more liner on the brush. But that doesnt really bother me that much since the final result of my eyeliner looks amazing when I use this.
Washing this brush is so much quicker too. I use the Daiso puff and sponge detergent to wash my bristled brushes but to wash this brush, you dont have to do the typical, scrubbing onto your palm, you have to put a teeny drop of the detergent and use your finger to scrub away the liner and it just flakes off. And to dry the brush, just use a paper towel and BAM your done, no drying time whatsoever.

I really recommend this brush for people who love the cat-wing or flicked eyeliner look. You seriously need this in your brush collection!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Only just a few weeks ago, my favourite eyelash curler broke. It was one of the springy eyelash curlers that only requires you to press down you curl your lashes. (it was the Elite Models eyelash curler).
And since im one of those people that enjoy change, I rarely buy beauty products again when I run out or break it, even if they are my all time favourite products. So I thought this was the chance to try out another eyelash curler and what came to mind was the Shu Uemura Eyelash curler.

 Eyelash curlers are a big hit or miss when you get one, you need to find an eyelash curler that fits your eye shape, which is hard considering that everyone's eye shape is different so its a continuous quest to buy various eyelash curlers until you find the one that fits.
I feel like everyone in the beauty community has heard of the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and how it just fits their eyes so perfectly. But seeing as though lots of people raves about it, I thought why not just buy it and try it?!

I bought mine at Beauty Savvy for $27.50 with free shipping. It arrived in 3 days, safe and sound at my doorstep. 
To be honest, I feel like its just one of those typical eyelash curlers you can get anywhere except that the curler is flatter and suits most Asian eyes. The colour of the curler is slightly different too, from afar it looks silver but upclose its more of a slightly brass colour.

Elite Models Eyelash Curler || Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Compared with the Elite Models Eyelash Curler the Shu Uemura is a tad wider and a tad more curved which may be a perfect fit for most but as for me, sadly it just doesnt curl the ends of my eye very well.
It takes getting used to this curler until I can curl 70% of my lashes but no matter what I do, I just cant curl the lashes at the ends. The only method that works is to lift up the end of my browbone, but even that only curls the tip of the ends. 

Sadly this eyelash curler just does not work well with my eyes, I will still be using this until it breaks or until the pad  runs out, since I am definitely not going to waste the money spent on this.
I still have yet to try out Shiseidos Eyelash Curler and hopefully that works well.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Colour Theory Review*

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent to try out some of the new Colour Theory range that is sold at Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies.
They range from 4 different price points of $4, $6, $8 and $10. 
This is going to be quite a long review/post so be warned.

Eyeshadow in See Princess

When I first saw this eyeshadow, it had the most beautiful eyeshadow colours I've ever seen.
The royal blue colour at the bottom just spoke out to me. 
I was also shocked to see a drugstore eyeshadow quad that contained a small brush that looked perfect to use to put eyeshadow on the lashline or the inner corners but also the typical sponge applicator.
I find that the colour theory packaging consists of a thick transparent casing which is surprisingly strong. It did take awhile for me to get used to opening the eye shadow with some force, but after awhile it is quick to open.

They each dont have a name but for swatching purposes I'll be labelling them 1-5

Starting for the top left and clockwise to the middle colour. It contains a frosty mint green shade (1) , grey (2) , gorgeous royal blue (3) , dark purple-blue (4) and a deep purple shade (5) all being a shimmery shade.
The grey shade does look more matte on the lid though but has a hint of shimmer that isnt detectable unless you look up close.

Eyeliner: Colour Theory Eyeliner [[no primer]]

I applied 2 to the inner corners, 1 to the inner third of the lids and on top of 2, 3 to the outer 2 thirds of the lids and up to the crease, 5 to the outer V of my eyes and 4 to the bottom lash line.

L-R: 1,2,3

L-R: 4,5
L-R: 1,2,3,4,5
I find that shade 1 was the most pigmented out of all the colours, it came out as a silver eyeshadow which I do use on the inner corners. The other shades come out more pigmented after a bit of layering but once you get that perfect colour it is surprisingly pigmented.
It feels almost buttery to apply and blends like a charm which is what I love most about these eyeshadows.
I do have very oily lids so they don't last long on me and do crease without a primer like most eyeahdows but with a good primer you wont be disappointed with the pigmentation and lasting power especially for $10.

Black Liquid Eyeliner

I was most excited to try this one out since I am a eyeliner fanatic, it retails for $6 and is a felt tip.
I personally have a hard time with eyeliners in felt tip pen form since they do smudge on me and my very first experience with felt tip pen liners (Sportsgirl) was horrible and ever since then I just avoid purchasing them, although that was 4 years ago... 

The felt nip is actually smaller than I expected but it does help those people who just started using eyeliner for the first time. It allows you to do smaller strokes and you can easily do a defined wing if you want to try a cat eye look.
The eyeliner dries super fast and is matte, it's also really quick and easy to use.

CT Eyeshadow 1 in the inner corner || CT eyeliner [[no primer]]
5 hours later
I did use this eyeliner without a primer to school and sadly it did not last and did smudge and fade at the end. Was disappointing since it did claim to be smudge proof, even working for 3 hours it still smudged a teeny bit. But I did want to see how long it lasted without a primer and assuming with a primer on, it probably wont budge at all. 

Bronzer in Natural Glow

I actually thought this was a blush rather than a bronzer since the colour looks more of a pink toned brown which I have never tried before but dont be fooled with first looks since this bronzer isnt as pigmented as you think.

Even swatching with a finger it just does not come up as much, but this is the lightest shade of bronzer out of the 3 they have, it isnt the perfect shade for bronzing nor contouring but it is perfect for a very subtle tan on the face, I love using this product below my cheek bones when my face looks pale since it gives me a very natural glow (like the name suggests!). I actually have no idea whether it even lasts on my face since you just cant notice it at the end of the day.
The only con I have about this bronzer is how hard it is for my brush to pick up the product, you need a very dense brush to pick up the product, I use a fluffier brush which doesnt pick up any product until you swirl the brush half a dozen times.
This retails for $8.

Lipstick in Flirt Alert & Baarbie Girl || Lipgloss in Fairy Floss

(I have a slight confession, I have only ever used lipgloss once in my life way back when I was 11. So you can probably not trust me on my first impression of this lipgloss!)

Retailing for $6 on lipsticks and $8 for the lipglosses I think the lipsticks are a bargain to get. I would compare these to the Savvy lipsticks on the quality and the price range. I find that they dont have a wide range in colours on the Savvy lipsticks but the CT lipsticks comes in 16 different shades so you can definitely find your perfect shade. The lipgloss however comes in 8 shades.

 Flirt Alert is a matte coral red shade, Baarbie Girl is a purple pink shade and Fairy Floss is a light pink gloss but just shows clear on my lips (hence no swatch).

I find that the scent of these lipsticks smell very similar to the MAC lipsticks which I do love!
But I do wish they had a label on the lipsticks that said whether they're matter, creamy or shimmery since I had no idea that Flirt Alert was a matte red lipstick.
Flirt Alert does cling to the dry area on my lips but Baarbie Girl is just so creamy and moisturising that you cant really tell.

As for the lipgloss, it feels and looks so much like the lanolips lip ointment texture wise, it isnt sticky but feels thick.
I did try this gloss on top of flirt alert and I really do love the combo, it makes my lips feel moisturized and isnt highly glossy (really dont like that look), it just turns the look of a matte lippie into a creamy lippie. 

I absolutely love applying a light layer of Flirt Alert on my lips, it makes my lips redder but isnt overly red. As for Baarbie Girl I'm just not used to wearing purple pink lip shades...yet (may change in the future). Flirt Alert lasts around 3 hours with eating and drinking and just fades which I prefer over the dreaded lipliner look (what MAC Russian Red does).

Nail Polishes in Mocha Mauve, Flamingo, Tangerine Dream and Cherry on Top

I've actually been on a ban from painting my nails for awhile now since my nails were pretty much breaking in layers but after a few weeks I've grown them out to get rid of the broken layers! So it was the perfect timing to paint my nails again. (oh the great feeling)

I do own nail polish colours similar to these besides Tangerine Dream since they are my most used colours to paint my nails with.
My favourite out of all the colours is Mocha Mauve, it's a taupe colour that leans on the purple side which is quite different to the taupe polishes I've seen before.
Flamingo is a bright pink colour which I do see everywhere. 
Tangerine dream is a deep orange colour.
Cherry on Top is a raspberry colour that leans on the red side.

All with 2 coats besides Cherry on Top which I used 1 coat.
These polishes are opaque with just 1 coat if you get the right thickness  but usually do the job well with 2 coats. And retailing for $4 each, they would be highly compared with the Ulta3 nail polishes and MUD polishes sold at Safeway.
They do chip after 2 days but they only just chip on the tips instead of massive chunks which I like, so you can get away with wearing the chipped polish until it starts chipping around the sides!
They do sell a huge range of other colours which I really do want to go and check out.

For the price points of the Colour Theory range, I do recommend you go check out their products, especially the eyeshadows! 

*These products were sent to me to review, but that does not change my view on the products*

Friday, March 14, 2014

Loreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Nourishing Conditioner

Loreal has been one of those brands that I have never reached out to when it comes to hair products, I usually go for Head and Shoulders or Pantene when I buy my shampoo and conditioners but since I was on a budget, I went to go find a conditioner that was on sale. 
I purchased this at Coles for around $4 on sale, choosing the conditioner for dry hair. (I have oily roots but dryish ends)

The packaging of this product is my favourite so far! I know most brands out there are starting to make shampoos and conditioners faced upside down to make the product flow more easily, this was still the same type of packing but I felt like the product and the packaging mixed so well together, like some conditioners I use just flow out automatically straight after I open the lid but this one doesnt until you squeeze it out yourself. So you get the perfect amount you want every time.

"From the 1st application, hair is transformed: soft, shiny and smooth."

I can say that I didnt believe this since most of the times I use a new conditoner, I notice a difference after days of constant use. But with the first time I tried this conditioner on my hair it did feel different compared with other conditioners but it wasnt like "oh my gosh, this is amazing!"  

I personally wash my hair every single day (yes I know its bad) but this conditioner lasted around 3-4 weeks of everyday use and that was faster than I expected. For 250 ml worth of conditioner it does seem like it would last awhile, I had to use 1-2 tablespoons worth of this conditioner since I love coating my ends until it becomes untangled, smooth and slippery but this product felt like you were putting a cream onto your hair, it just melted on and did not feel slippery like most conditoners, which was probably why I used a big amount than usual.

What's special about this conditioner is that it contains Royal Jelly and Omega 6 but also the scent lingered on for the next day until I washed my hair again, the smell is absolutely amazing, it's a lot like honey and a hint of vanilla, I could not stop smelling my hair.
Also my hair did air dry quicker than usual from using this, which is what I did like.
But for the ends of my hair, it's still that same as usual, not a massive difference from when I didnt use it. 
I wouldnt repurchase this since it didnt do much of a job with my ends besides making it smell nice. But if you have short hair, normal ends and love the smell of honey you could go check this out!