Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mac Lovelorn || LOTD

I've been trying to get into lipsticks more as it is one of those products I hoard so Im trying my best to use them up. For my birthday my brother got me a MAC lipstick (with the help of his girlfriend ofc) and I was surprised that they picked a colour that I would use as an everyday lippie.

I do have a slight obsession with MAC lipsticks as the packaging wins me over, its famous slate grey and silver packing in the shape of a bullet  and its range of colours you can choose from. I now have 3 MAC lipsticks which Im hoping to extend someday soon.
Lovelorn is a lustre finish which is demi-sheer finish. I have a thing for applying my lipsticks on quite sheer, because I just love the natural look, Im also too much of a wuss to put on a lipstick at its full colour since I get paranoid when the lipstick starts to fade in the middle which always happens to me.

Swatched on the hands, you will automatically thing that this is a sheer baby pink lipstick but on the lips it is just one of those MLBB (my lips but better) lipsticks, but with a hint of pink.
I've been using this as my go-to lipstick, when im going out, work and sometimes school. 
I find that it starts to fade around the 3 hour mark but you cant notice it as it until you decide to reapply the lipstick and the colour comes back to life.
I find that if my lips arent exfoliated well, the colour will stick onto the dry patches but it wont be noticable compared to matte lipsticks. This lipstick sadly is a tad drying for me but a good lipbalm makes everything better.

Whats your go-to MLBB lippie?!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sanitary Cuteness

After working at Woolies for over a year now, Im always noticing when new products are out on the shelves, which is whenever I serve a customer and I scan an unfamiliar item. 
Last month I noticed a couple of customers purchasing the Palmolive Hand Sanitisers, literally my first impression was "MINI PALMOLIVE BODY WASH?!!" but no, walking down to the beauty aisle of my Woolies, I later realised that it was a hand sanitiser and I obviously had to get it!
Im not going to go indepth as this is going to be a mini review, but this is just your typical hand sanitiser but with the most amazing scents. Seriously Palmolive makes the best smelling products, hands down, cant even get started on their Strawberry Smoother body wash!!

I bought the Raspberry scent first and the Fig & Coconut scent 2 weeks after because I just had to try the scent out, they costed around $4 at Woolies but they do sell it for $3 at MyChemist.
Starting with the Raspberry scent, it does have a soapy scent, mixed with a sweetness of raspberry, but it just reminds me of soap, but honestly I still loved it. Even the little purple beads inside made me want to use it 24/7 just because the curiousity of how the beads burst while you rub it into your hands.
The Fig & Coconut on the other hand smells like heaven. You will definitely smell the coconut in this but not so much the fig, it smells like Coconut and vanilla mixed in one, my favourite out of the two.
The scent of these bad boys, lingers on until you continuously wash your hands with soap or happen to wash the dishes without gloves on. Its the best when my hands are near my hand and I can smell the Fig & Coconut scent, makes me melt in my chair.
If you happen to pop down to MyChemist or Chemist Warehouse you do have to pick one up, its such a cute addition in the handbag and even the desk.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mattify that Face! || Physicians Formula Super BB Powder

I was shopping at iHerb a few months back and found the Physicians Formula Super BB Powder, it had decent reviews on the iHerb website and the "BB" part of the name made me think that it was a BB cream in powder form so I automatically put it in the shopping cart. Using it for the first time was quite a disappointment, I was expecting at least a decent amount of coverage but for me it was just a powder. But compared to the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and all its hype, it definitely defeats it with its lasting power!

What I found interesting about this product was how it calls itself a sunscreen. It does contain SPF 30 which is a common thing in most BB creams (especially the Asian brands) but in a pressed powder?! Definitely a bonus. Though I would not recommend using this powder alone or without sunscreen for sun protection, especially in summer.
But aside for the SPF and protecting factor of this powder it does claim to have 10+ Beauty Benefits:
Pore Minimizing
I would say that about half of the claims from the list is about right for me, smoothing, protecting (atleast I think it's doing well in the long run), oil-control, setting and long-wearing. Its pretty much everything I would look for in a powder!

I personally am not a massive fan of the packaging, its bulky and not that travel friendly if you have a small makeup bag, and it also has that cheap feeling although it is sturdy as it has a lid that clicks in and opens up by pressing down a button on the bottom side. But there is a small flaw that just bothered me the first time I was opening it. When you fully flip open the lid after pressing the button, the middle compartment (where the powder lays) opens up so you have access to a mirror and a brush at the bottom (hence why its so bulky). But you have to hold down the middle compartment while opening the lid so it doesnt flip open with the lid...if that makes any sense. Its a small flaw to the packaging but Ive just gotten used to it so I dont have a problem with it now.

I found that with my normal Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, it lasted about 3 hours on a normal  school day before the oils of my face seeped through, But the BB Powder lasted a whole school day, no oils peeping through. I was impressed when I looked through the mirror in the car and my face was oil-free, best feeling ever haha!
But what I really love about this product is how it leaves my skin looking glowy rather than oily, it doesnt have the glow of what a highlighter or illuminator would give but it is a slight natural glow which you will notice after using this.
Though it may be the a con if you are looking for complete matte-ness or even dry skin, I find that it will emphasize the dryness but it doesnt stick onto dry patches or anything like that, you will just see the dehydration of the skin because of the glow.
I usually use this with my Ecotools powder brush over on top of my moisturizer or bb cream and works perfectly fine without any product underneath as well.
Would recommend this one for the combin/oily skinned peeps out there!

You can purchase this at iHerb here

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Beauty Blogger Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Karyn from Rynspiration to do this tag! Thanks again :)
Everyone go check her blog out, she is fairly new to the bb world so go and give her some love.


3 random facts about yourself?
- I have a strange addiction to the colour yellow but I dont like wearing yellow clothes
- Im introverted once Im at home but extroverted when Im at school
- Im an eyeliner type of gal yet I have more lipsticks than liners!

Which country do you live in?

What's the meaning behind the name of your blog?
Back in primary school one of my friends used to call me by saying my full name fast, it ended up sounding like "An-jelly" so I took that nickname idea and changed it to anjelleee which just looks a whole lot appealing.

Why did you start blogging?
I originally started because I wanted to keep track of all the makeup products I owned but it ended up not working well because I hoard a lot of products which dont get reviewed so now blogging is just a hobby for me.


If you had to live off one foundation what would it be?
I dont actually use or own any foundations as Im more of a bb cream user. But if it were a bb cream I had to choose, it would be the Garnier BB Cream for oily/combo skin. Its light weight yet gives a natural coverage that im happy with!

What's the most expensive product you've ever bought?
I think it would be my Moroccan Oil for $50, I wouldnt say it was worth the price but it does the job in making my hair smooth.

Which product have you repurchased the most?
Both my Lucas Papaw Ointment and the Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm, both have done amazingly well in curing flaky lips overnight!

Smokey & Sexy, Girl Next Door or Bright and Bold?
I would say Girl Next Door with a mix of some boldness to it. I can never do a natural eye look because my winged liner usually takes it away but majority of my face makeup is natural,

Biggest blogger/youtuber inspiration?
Definitely Jenn Im and Zoella. Love their style and their makeup. I dont think I would've gotten into dark lippies if it wasnt for them!

Drugstore or high end?
I love them both!! All I worry about is the product quality. Some drugstore products overrule  higher-end products and vice versa so its a hard decision to pick one.

Bronzer or blush?
Bronzer no doubt about it, I can get away with no blush since my face goes pink through the day.


How many times a day do you wash your face?
I always wash my face at night but if I end up waking up with a greasy face in the morning I will wash it in the morning as well.

Biggest skin struggle?
I have combination skin which is such a pain in the arse. I struggle with super oily skin in my t-zone but I have dry patches around my nose, forehead and some places around my cheeks. I also get the occasional pimples that usually pop up on my nose or forehead.

What's your favourite way to pamper your skin?
Love putting on a face mask! My current fav is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, its that typical green mask you smother onto your face but it has this refreshing burning sensation when its drying up, it sounds terrifying but it just makes it feel like its doing something. It also helps reduce pimples which is a bonus!

What's your skincare routine like?
In the morning I wash my face if I need to, then I put on my moisturizer or sunscreen depending on the weather. At night I remove my makeup, wash my face again, put on my Hadalabo Moisturizer, use tea tree oil on small blemishes and then I use whatever lipbalm I grab. 

Are you confident to go out without makeup?
Yes, I remember back in the days I used to be so self conscious but I really dont care anymore. I only use makeup because I enjoy the whole application, its literally a hobby for me to do makeup. 


Favourite hair product?
I would say dry shampoo(Any of the Batiste ones)! I have a super oily scalp which cannot last a day without a wash or it will look like I dipped my head in a pot of oil. So Dry Shampoo is a HG when I dont have the time to wash it especially if I come back home late.

First day hair or second day hair?
As I said before, cant do second day hair so first day hair! 

How many times have you dyed your  hair?
I've dyed my hair I think about 5-6 times . I'll be dying my hair part pink soon adn there will be a post on that one coming when its done!


Neutrals or bright colours?
I love them both together! I dont like wearing all dark or all bright, they have to be mixed in together, I love adding a pop of colour whenever I wear blacks or whites.

Winter fashion or summer fashion?

I think I prefer summer fashion, I find that in winter Im always wearing thick long scarves and jackets which cover up whatever layers im wearing.

Jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses?
If jeggings count as jeans then I would say Jeans if not then shorts! I've stopped wearing jeans because of how uncomfortable they are, I find that when I take off my jeans at the end of the day its just the best feeling but if Im wearing leggings or comfortable pants then I'de be happy to wear then all day everyday!

I tag Weng, Candice and Fifi

Winter Warriors || August Favs

August will always be one of my unforgettable months considering that 1. My birthday is in August, 2. My last school camp was during August and 3. Winter starts to end.
As you may know, I went off to Ski Camp for 5 days, which was definitely a highlight to 2014. I celebrated my bday, skiied for the first time but I left with unbearably dry skin and a few odd blemishes. It pretty much ruined my skin, but I did find my top products that have finally battled out the struggles.

Lucas Papaw Ointment
This product is my holy grail of all time, it is one of the best lip products I own and love. It's a savior to chapped, flaky lips that I always have to deal with during the colder seasons. Sad to say that I didnt use this as often as I did in August as I've just been trying out different lipbalms which isnt even as good as this one.

*B.liv Spots Got Shot
As I said before, I did get a few blemishes popping around my face, Im guessing due to the "Time of month". I found that tea tree oil wasnt doing its job quick enough so I thought about trying this again. This product did not work for me in the past, but I tried a different way of applying this by just dabbing a small blob on my pimples and left it overnight and my pimples started to fade so much quicker. 

*Optiva Daily Protection Cream
I had quite low standard when I first got this, I thought it would just be another one of those moisturizers that just did nothing, boy was I wrong! I came back from camp with extremely dry patches on my cheeks and forehead and pretty much none of my moisturizers worked, I used this product as a last resort one night and it just cured my dry patches back to my normal skin.
Ive been using this everyday, in the morning now and it hydrates the face so well! Im not a big fan of how it leaves the skin looking greasy but I fix that up with some powder on my t-zone and it surprisingly doesnt make my face anymore oilier than it is.

Ophelia Makeup Rounds
As much as the quality of the swissper cotton rounds appeals to me, the price is just something that bothers me, for about $3-$4 for a pack. I found the Ophelia Makeup rounds for I think $1.25 at the time? And the quality is just so much better than many cheaper brands, it's super sturdy, doesn't break apart and no fluff comes out! 

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion
I was using the Nivea body lotion for a while but the laziness in me kicked in and I just could not be bothered applying it before bed, so I started to use the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion and it is such a  life saver of mine. It's not the best moisturizer if compared with actual body lotions, but it does make the dryness better than before.

What were your favs in the month of August?

Products marked with a * were sent to me for consideration

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lioele Glittering Jewel Liner in Marine Blue

For most of my life I've been on the hunt for the best pencil liner that actually stays on the waterline (mainly black liners). So I do have copious amounts of black pencil liners that I've collected through the years. 
I went on ebay looking at some Korean branded makeup and stumbled across the Lioele Glittering Jewel Liners. It was actually love at first sight, Im not a big fan of shimmery products let alone 'glittering' but the swatches on the models eyes for each of the pencil shades looked so damn pretty! 
I was about to purchase the black eyeliner but I had a feeling it would be another one of those eyeliners that will stay at the back of my collection so I thought "hey why not get a blue liner?".
Even though I knew it would be a colour I would rarely use out in public, I have no regrets in purchasing this one.

I've never been one to try Lioele products since majority of their products just dont appeal to me.. packaging wise. 
The pink just makes the packaging look cheap. I love the matte pencil body along with the pink writing but along with the non-matte lid, ruins it all. They couldve done better in my opinion!
But what I do love about this is how it is plastic rather than wood, when it comes to sharpening pencils it just sharpens so much smoother than wood. It reminds me a lot like the NYX jumbo pencil but in a smaller diameter.

If you dont already know, pencil liners just do not get along with my eyes. On the lids they end up transferring to the bottom, on the waterline they either start to separate or start sliding to my lashline and since my eyes are watery 24/7 near the ends of my eyes it will start to separate and leave a line of liquidy liner.
This liner on the other hand actually lasts on the lids and the lashline with very slight fading on the lashline but no smudges. On the waterline it lasts a nice 3 hours before it will start separating on the ends.

Im actually one to cringe at swatches on the hands because most of the time, the swatch on the hand is never 100% what it will look like on the lids, especially with the smudging test and the water test, it just doesnt work that way! But what you see above on the hands is what you will get on the lids. It is super pigmented and beautiful and Im just in love with the colour.
This product has a similar texture as the Milani Liquif'Eye Liners as it is very VERY creamy. This can be a con to the product because you may want to keep sharpening the pencil if you are looking for sharp lines.

I purchased the liner on Ebay here
Im actually eyeing the navy and champagne shade to buy someday!!

How do you use your blue liners?

Friday, August 15, 2014

What's In My Makeup Bag || Ski Camp Edition

I will be heading off to a school camp to the snow on Sunday and for someone who hasnt been to the snow since babyhood, it is exciting. Im assuming that I've overpacked since I do like having choices but most of the makeup products im bringing is actually for a special dinner where we are all dressing up to a chosen theme (this years is Stereotypes) and I will be doing my friends makeup since we are both dressing up as bikers/biker chicks which calls for dark makeup!
Not all the items fit in my makeup bag so I will be packing them in another small bag along with my bathroom necessities.

My makeup bag is a Tory Burch replica, which was bought by my dad overseas, Im not a fan of the whole design but it fits hella a lot of things inside so it is the perfect time to be using it as I rarely travel.

Garnier BB Cream, one of my favourite western BB creams in the market, it looks natural yet it has light-medium coverage. It does cling onto my dry patches, so I wont be using it while im out in the snow, but it will be used during the dinner.
I know for sure during school camps, I usually wake up early and sleep in late, so the obvious dark circles will be coming for me, the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer gives a light coverage and concealer is just one of those products I cant leave the house without! 
Did you know uv levels are higher out in the snow than on the beach? Will be packing my favourite sunscreen, the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock. I just love how it doesnt leave a greasy feeling on the skin!
This is another product that Ill only be using for the dinner, NYC Sunny Bronzer, just to bronze up my face so I dont look like a pale ghost.

Ill be bringing the Hello Kitty Palette, since it has a range of eyeshadows which I can use from day to night. With the eyeshadows Ill be using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, just so it wont smudge or crease.
My main brow duo includes the Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil + NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, i find the pencil to be very versatile to use, if im in a rush I can fill in my brows quickly with just the pencil and if I have time I will define my brows with the pencil then fill in my brows with the powder.
Im assuming that even though its cold, my face will be an oily mess in the morning to the night, so the Daiso Blotting Paper will be my savior 

The Lucas Papaw Ointment is something that I think everyone needs to bring while theyre travelling, it helps with cracked skin, burns, bug bites and so much more but I find it works best on my cracked lips, I've brought 2 lip balms with me and if it doesnt go well, Ill switch to the papaw ointment.
As I will be in the cold, my lips will be pale, so I do need to put on a tint so that I dont look dead, the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Orange was on my monthly favourites just for that reason!
As I said before, one of the lip balms Im bringing with me is the Nivea Unscented Lip Butter I've been using it in the morning and before bed and I do want to finish the entire tub so I can use my other lip butter scents.
For the dinner, I've opted for either the Shanghai Suzy Lippie in Miss Kitty or MAC Russian Red, Im too much of a wuss to wear red lips, but I may force myself to use it since it suits the whole "biker" look, but if I do decide to back out on the red, Ill most likely be using Miss Kitty.

Im bringing the K-Palette Liner, because of that fact that I can use this when Im in a rush or when I feel like doing a winged liner or a thin line. The HK Liquid Liner will be used when im just doing my everyday liner, not too thin or thick and I can use it in conjuction with K-Palette for the cat eye liner look.
I brought my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack to be used on the dinner just because i can get whatever look i want with this.
Also brought 2 mascaras with me, whichever one I feel like using, i will use. Dior Show Mascara and Maybellines One by One.

Bringing a hair tie to get my hair out of my face while skiing. I know I will be sick and tissues do come in handy when things get messy.
And a handcream from Crabtree & Evelyn, to cure them dry hands!

The Garnier Micella Cleansing Water does not fit in my makeup bag obviously but it will come in handy to remove my everyday makeup. Im also bringing along the Maybelline Total Clean Makeup remover because it removes the makeup that the garnier water doesnt remove, for example my MAX fluidline, needs an oil based remover to be fully removed.
And to remove my face makeup, Ill be using my Wotnot Facial Wipes.

I'll most likely be packing extra things if I decide to bring it along, and I am bringing makeup brushes, cotton rounds + cotton buds with me but they will be packed separately with my bathroom supplies.

Also if there is anything that I should be packing for the snow please let me know! :)