Thursday, July 10, 2014


Since it is now the time where my skin hits me with flaky skin and dry patches coming out of nowhere. Ive been trying my best to fix it, but no matter what exfoliating device or scrub I use nothing really beats the flakiness around the nose/cheeks.
I was lucky enough to be sent some fancy exfoliating device that I had never heard of before. 
With not much of an expectation towards this, I did try it out. 
And to whoever is reading this, I present to you the Exfolimate, my new favourite tool.

Each Exfolimate you get comes with a free pair of wrist-straps. 
Now that may sound silly when you see it, but I find that I do drop my Exfolimate every once in a while due to it sometimes slipping out of my hands, I can say Im a clumsy person so you dont really have to use the wriststraps if you dont want to. I personally havent used it yet even though ive dropped my Exfolimate countless amount of times. But I might use it just so I can hang my Exfolimate in the bathroom somewhere.
You also get a sheet of paper that includes precautions and directions on how to use the Exfolimate.
And since I dont want to overload this post with pictures of the precautions and steps, Ill just be talking about the steps later in the post and including some of the precautions I think is important below if you are considering purchasing this.
  • Not to be used on broken or infected skin
  • Do not use for 7 to 10 days after laser or chemical peel treatment
  • If attending Medical Practitioner for a skin condition do not use in that area unless directed
  • Recommended for all normal, healthy skin types

When I think of an exfoliator I imagine a tool with bristles, plastic or silicone where you scrub it on your face in circular motions. Well the Exfoliator is pretty much the opposite, instead of bristles you have a blade and instead of scrubbing in circular motions you glide it on your skin in one direction.
The white plastic surrounding the metal blade does look somewhat cheap since it is just plastic but I find that the fancy looking dents on the plastic reminds me of a diamond so i like to think of it as a plastic diamond!
The smaller Exfolimate is for the face (can be used for smaller parts of the body) and the bigger version is for the body (can be used for bigger areas on the body). There really isnt any different when it comes to both of them as they do have the exact same design except one is bigger than the other (the blade is still the same size though).

As for how you use this tool:
  1. You simply wet your face.
  2. Using some pressure to glide it on the contours of your face/body in a 90 degree angle

Simple as that! But I do have to say that you need to make sure your face is always wet hence why it is better exfoliating in the shower but you can do it by the sink if you wish. 
This may annoy people but you do have to check the blades each time after you glide it along your skin, to check if you have any dead skin and debris leftover which you do have to wash off each time. I personally dont mind it, as it is one of those things that I enjoy doing, kind of like checking the dirt and junk left on the pore strips when you remove it (disgusting, I know but I cant help it!).

On the instructions they say that you should do a maximum of 4 to 6 glides which I dont follow. 
I just think as long as I dont go over an area twice then it is fine.

I have been using the face Exfolimate for quite some time now and it has made somewhat of a difference! Somewhat as in it has worked amazingly well but it also hasnt.
I was suffering from very patchy and flaky skin between my brows and around my nose (mainly around my pores) and when I used the Exfolimate around my cheeks  it seriously cured them, but on the nose and between my brows? Slightly better, I mean it's less flaky but it is still a tad patchy. Which was a bummer, Im still using it and there still isnt much of a difference besides how smooth it has made my cheeks.
As for the body Exfolimate, Im not a fan. I dont think my legs liked it, my skin had a burning sensation that lasted around a minute or two after using it, Im assuming that I probably applied too much pressure but I did use the same amount of force to my face and I didnt have that type of reaction.
Ill probably be playing around with the pressure as I only just found out that you only need a light amount of pressure for it to be effective, so the body Exfolimate may land in next months favourites!

You can check out the Exfolimate here

* This product was sent to me to review. It does not in any way change my opinon on it, honest review as always.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Favourites

Finally after all these months, I've actually tried out new products and liked it! 
As you may know, the products I use on a daily basis every month is usually the same, maybe with one or two products I switch around whenever I feel like it but for the most part, it is rare for me to change most of my daily makeup.
I did try out a few products that came into my makeup collection in the month of June and I will most like be using for a few more weeks so my monthly favourites will probably be posted every 2-3 months..maybe.

Diorshow Mascara
My mum gave me this awhile ago when I wasnt really into mascara so I havent started using it until this year but I did fall in love with it in the month of June. It seriously gives such a beautiful effect to my lashes, it makes them look like I have wispy lashes. It is gorgeous! The mascara wand is massive compared to other mascaras I own so I do have accidental mascara traces on my lids afterwards, but it's no big deal. I find that it does hold a curl but gradually over-time my lashes start to slowly go down but it I dont have any complaints because of the way it looks and it also doesn't smudge (though im not sure about it in the summertime. I have the sample sized one but I can say for-sure that I will be purchasing the full sized one when I run out.

Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Palette
Ive started to play around with eyeshadows again this month, as it has been colder. I've been reaching for the matte brown eyeshadow (at the bottom right of the palette), using it in the outer corners of my eyes and the bottom lashline, I find that it nicely defines my eyes more, making my eyeliner look more hazy and naturally smokey. I do use this eyeshadow without a primer and yes it does crease but I have hooded eyelids so you cant see it crease unless I raise my eyebrows and look down.
Also can I say that yesterday I used the darker bronze shade (at the bottom left of the palette) and I put it on half of my lids blended out and also on the bottom lashline extending towards the inner corners. It makes my eye makeup look a whole lot darker without it being a "BAM" in your face. And using a browny shade makes it look more natural so I can get away with using it for an everyday look!

Nivea Hydro Care
This lip balm isnt as hydrating as some of my all time favourite lipbalms, but I did want to try to finish this one up. The only reason why it has ended up in my June favourites is because I have been using this under my lip products. It's thin, applies very smoothly and I can apply it straight from the tube.

Just Beyond Lip Tint
Surprisingly Ive been using this everytime I go out. In the morning when Im prepping for school, my lips look pale and lifeless but using a liptint magically turns my lips back to normal. I sometimes apply another layer when I feel like a bit more colour! This lip tint is slightly drying so I use it in conjunction with the Nivea lipbalm and my lips have not chapped so far.

Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Kitty
This is my new found lipstick that I have been loving, I think ever since I got this lipstick I have been in love with berry lips, nails, clothes and whatever berry colour I see. I love the grape smell it has when I open the lid, I love the packaging, I love how much it looks on my lips and I love how I can just dab it on my lips when I feel like a natural lip-kind-of-day.

Revlon Matte Nail Polish in Ruby Ribbon
I won this from a giveaway and I didnt think I would ever use it because I was deathly afraid of using dark nail polishes (coming from the girl who wore bright polishes all the time), but I did eventually give in and fell in love with the colour, it is similar to Sleigh Ride For Two but it just more red and lighter. It is also a matte polish and I found that it dries so fast as well, comparable to OPI. It also lasts about 3-4 days before it starts to chip!

OPI Nail Polish in Sleigh Ride For Two
I did do a small review/swatch of this one yesterday here
Very similar to the Revlon polish but it is darker and has some shimmer in it. But I fell in love with how fast it dried on the nails and also the colour! (Yes im on a berry high at the moment)

Moroccanoil Treatment
I also did a review on this one recently, but it has been a life saver of mine to detangle hair. I personally dont brush my hair, maybe like once in a blue moon but aside from the occasional "brushing my fingers through my hair" my hair has started to become annoyingly knotty. When I apply it in the morning it helps detangle and also makes my hair straight but when I apply it the night before, I wake up with super soft hair. 

Daiso Razor
I've been longing to get an eyebrow razor for so long and I've finally gotten one! I have used it and it works like a charm, it was very scary at first to use since I thought I would have cut myself, but it does have some fancy thing on the blades so you cant cut yourself accidentally. I find with most eyebrow razors,  they are quite big and this one is a lot smaller so I can get the hairs under my arch without chopping all my eyebrow hairs off.

I will be doing a review on this one soon, but it is a new way to exfoliate the face, its like a thick metal that you scrape on your face and I know it doesnt sound appealing but it works amazingly. Compared with so many exfoliating scrubs, mitts, loofahs and what not, it is the best exfoliating device I have used. The apples of my cheeks have gotten so flakey now that its cold and Exfolimate has literally cured my flaky-ness. It is reusable and you can just wash off the dead skin that is left on the metal, so it is a lot cleaner than loofahs!

What were your June favourites?

Products marked with a * were sent to me for consideration

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sleigh Ride For Two || OPI

Recently I've been loving dark berry/maroon shades (which will be obvious in my June favourites coming soon!). It such a gorgeous shade on the nails, I personally dont follow the whole nail trend of dark colours in winter, bright colours in summer, pastel for spring and etc. I just wear polishes that I feel like using.

Lucky for me, I was browsing through Adorebeauty and most of the OPI polishes were on sale so I took advantage of it and chose a polish that I knew I would be using all the time. 
And for $14.96 I have no regrets in purchasing this purple-ly maroon polish.
Sleigh Ride For Two is one of two maroon polishes that I own, it may not be a favourite colour in a few peoples minds but I know for sure that I would have never worn dark polishes from last year and the previous years. 

Ever since using this polish it has changed my view on OPI, I always thought that I would never spend my money on OPI polishes since you can definitely get polishes a lot cheaper with similar quality. But OPI has pretty much won me over by how quick it dries, I mean its not like instantly dry within a click of a finger but it is quicker than a standard drugstore polish. I could get away with the polish being fully dry within 1-3 hours but with a standard polish it will usually take up to 6 hours just to be fully dry. (and when I mean fully, I mean hard polish on the nails that does not leave any prints!).
But I can say the down side is that it did start to chip on me after 2-3 days, there was very minimal chipping on the first day as well sadly.

I find that in yellowish lighting it can look somewhat brown on the nail and I can say that I am not a fan of brown polishes (hope I dont offend anyone there). But in white and natural lighting it comes out as a deep maroon-berry shade, which is the perfect shade for me as it isnt as dark as black but it isnt an obvious berry shade from afar. 
I can also get away with 1 coat of this but I did apply 2 coats to get a fully opaque colour!

Can purchase this polish on AdoreBeauty here

What's your favourite OPI shade?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Moroccan Oil Treatment

If anyone does not remember, last year was the time where I tried to ombre my own hair using just hair dye, and for those who dont realise, plain old hair dye is not effective compared to bleach. So I made the stupid mistake of dying the ends of my hair the same week.
Yes, shocking. And obviously the ends of my hair did start to get drier but mainly a lot frizzier.
I have actually rarely suffered from frizzy ends before this whole accident, so I did question why the ends of my hair was all over the place and tangled all the time. Sure enough, I did do my research on google and found out I 100% had frizzy ends.
Anyone else who suffers from frizzy ends can understand this pain, the pain of running my fingers through the ends of my hair and getting caught in some bundle of hair knotted together. Or looking at the mirror and seeing my hair have a mess in the ends. 
Long story short, I just had to find a way to get rid of the frizz. And I did come across Moroccan Oil while browsing through Adorebeauty 

Im sure most people have seen this brand at one point in their life. I know for sure a lot of the hairdressers that I walk past usually display this behind the windows, hence why i'm familiar with this. I mean, the blue and orange packing together just catches my attention.
It costed me $55 to get the 125ml from AdoreBeauty and for a couple of dollars cheaper you can usually get the 100ml. But I did get the 125ml because the 100ml bottle doesnt come with a pump, and being the clumsy person that I am, pouring out oil from a bottle would not mix well with me.

So what I love about this is how you can lock the pump by twisting the pump to one side (unlocking by twisting the opposite direction), it's like a child-safe lock so you can prevent any accidents that happent if somehow accidentally, something pushes or presses the pump.
I did read a couple of reviews on this and some people had a problem with the pump leaking on them. Luckily for me I havent had a single problem with that. 

The oil is more of a thick oil, but not as thick as honey. It comes out as a yellow-orange colour and one pump is a bit more than enough for my hair, though you can probably get away with 2 pumps if you have long thick hair.
I have used this when my hair was slightly damp and wow does it make my hair dry faster! Even at school I randomly play with my hair and cant help myself to just sniff the ends of my hair, I just love the smell, I mean its not a sweet amazingly smelling product but it is a good scent.
On the days when I shower late and dont have the time to use this product, I just use it the morning after and it untangles my hair so I dont have to comb or brush it (even though I dont brush my hair).
Sadly this product hasnt killed away the frizz, but it has somewhat reduced it. It has made my hair a lot more manageable if I use it after the shower but other than that it hasnt really done anything drastically. 
I wouldnt repurchase this since there are still lots of de-frizzers out there for me to try out.

You can purchase it on AdoreBeauty here if you're interested.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister

I find that Western branded mascara has always never liked me. Whenever I think I found a decent mascara, it has either smudged, flaked or just cannot hold a curl through the day.
So I've just come to the conclusion that I really only suit Asian branded mascaras and their formulas.
And this one is one of my holy grail the top lashes though.

I purchased this during my trip to Hong Kong last year. It costed me $138 HK ($19 AUD at the time). To be honest I didnt really look at the price when I put this in my basket, I just knew that I had to try out the Majolica Majorca mascaras because of the amazing formulas and the unique mascara wand that everyone raves about. But for $19 AUD I would definitely not purchase this if it was sold in Australian stores.

I picked up Edge Meister on a whim, instead of Frame Plus which I was looking for originally. But I have no idea what the difference is between them two, the packaging is somewhat the same besides the pink fancy framing at the front and maybe the formula?

But can I say how much I love the packaging?! The black and gold packaging and the fancy smancy detailing at the front and also the top. It is the first thing I see when I choose a mascara to use.

The main thing about this mascara is the brush wand. Compared with most mascara wands, this one is flat and the 'bristles' are located at the top and bottom, so it is actually quite useful to coat the bottom lashes.
So if you're wondering how on earth do you even use this thing?! The zig zagging method comes in handy. I use the curved side of the wand to coat my top lashes while doing a zag zag motion, while the other end I use to coat my bottom lashes.

This is probably the only mascara I've used that contains fibres in it. I find that you can build it up to whatever length you want, but I havent really tested the maximum length you can get with it yet since Im more interested in volume rather than length.
But the reason why it is one of my HGs is because it can hold a curl and it is the most waterproof mascara I know of. 

As I said before it does not last on my bottom lashes, it starts to smudge on the 3 hour mark which is a shame since it lasts on the top lashes until you remove it. And can I say that it is a pain to remove! 
I know one of my friends uses this mascara and she swears that it lasts underwater and I can definitely see it since I've tested it in the shower and it does not smudge but it does start to come off gradually. (though im not sure if it's the same as in a swimming pool).
I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a super long lasting mascara but maybe not for people looking for a bottom lash mascara especially with oily lids.

Friday, June 6, 2014

2nd Anniversary Giveaway WINNER!

Alright so the time has come to announce the winner of my 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!
Firstly thank you to everyone who entered, I had an overwhelming response to the amount of people who entered.
There will definitely be more giveaways in the future like always.

Anyways the winner is Arra from Naughty Kitten! I've sent you an email so please reply ASAP so I can order the prize.
I will be choosing another winner if she doesn't reply 7 days from now.

Monday, June 2, 2014

*Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extract Daily Wash Review & GIVEAWAY!

Finally back onto blogging after 2 weeks! If you havent already known, I moved house last week and I just did not have the time to post anything. Im still currently trying to unpack most of my stuff and along with that, my school exams happens to be this week and next week. Sadly this house doesnt have internet yet so Im actually using my phone data to write up this post. So if i happen to be away from blogging I would assume that my internet is still not activated. Just a heads up!
Anyways enough of my rambling.. So I was contacted a while back to try out a Clearasil product of my choice from a list, since Winter was coming soon to Australia (though it is Winter right now), I chose the Daily Clear Vitamins & Extract Daily Wash.

What I find really cool about this product is that you can use it both as a daily cleanser or a mask! It's probably the only cleanser facial I've used with that type of versatility.  
Now Im going to make you guys cringe for a second and sound like an advert, but this product contains Avocado & Pomegranate extracts, which might not be what everyone looks for in a cleanser let alone even care about, but I personally think that if a product contains some fancy natural ingredient, I like to think that it does something. Anyone else feel the same way?
Even the product comes out a pale green colour, similar to avocado.

Really the only thing that gets on my nerves with this is when I open the cap, the product comes rushing out. I mean dont get me wrong, I love how the cap is at the bottom so we customers will get most of the product out instead of wasting our money or even the energy in squeezing every inch of the packaging. But I think I just need to get over this pet peeve of mine. As creamy products will do this most of the time.

But with the product I absolutely love the texture, weird as it sounds. I think it has to be the perfect texture when it comes to cream cleansers. It's not too thick, nor liquidy and it has the foamy feeling when I  massage it into my face. Even after washing it off it leaves my face smooth as a baby's butt and also squeaky clean. 
But Im not a fan of the scent, I mean its not horrible but it's definitely not something I would love to sniff all the time. Im terrible at describing scents so if you are someone who wants a nice smelling cleanser, then this may not be for you. But for someone who wants a simple daily cleanser that does the job in thier everyday skincare routine then this is most likely a product you may be searching for!

*This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes but it doesn't change my opinion on it


I was lucky enough to be sent an extra Clearsil Cleanser to giveaway to my readers! This is an international giveaway so anyone can enter.

Terms & Conditions:
  • Must have your parents permission to enter if youre under 18 since I will be asking for your postal address.
  • Giveaway will be ending on the 14th June

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